The MEDUSE Project

The MEDUSE Project is a Collaborative Project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme (Grant Agreement N. 277665).

The Project started in February 2012 with a 20 months duration.

Egnos & Galileo for Maritime

EGNOS maritime applications will help improve navigation, operations, traffic management, seaport operations, inland waterways, casualty analysis, offshore exploration and exploitation and fisheries.

By Egnos Portal

Project Objectives

The MEDUSE Consortium wants to develop a prototype service infrastructure for the delivery of location based services, enhanced by the use of European EGNOS and Galileo Commercial Service, within restricted access maritime areas to the following customer categories:

  • Institutional: marine parks and restricted marine areas management institutions
  • Private: marine parks and restricted marine areas users (leisure boats)
  • Commercial: commercial operators acting within restricted
  • Law Enforcement: maritime police authorities (Coast Guard)

The project is being developed by a consortium made by  NEXTANT SpA (the Project Coordinator), Vitrociset Belgium, Blue Thread, Anesti LTD and the Italian National Park Archipelago La Maddalena.

The capabilities and services offered by the MEDUSE system will be demonstrated during summer 2013 in the area of the National Park Archipelago La Maddalena.

MEDUSE Service Context

 Snaphot from meduse demonstration at La Maddalena, July 2013.

Meduse team