MEDUSE project Final Review was held on 20th September 2013 in La Maddalena at the PNALM offices. 

Final Review at PNALM Offices

Final Review at PNALM Offices. Clockwise: Alessandra Settin (VTCB), Massimo Pichini (NEXTANT, Project Coordinator), Eutimio Tiliacos (ANESTI), Enrico Barro (VTCB), Douglas Watson (GSA Reviewer), Manuel Lopez Martinez (GSA), Alberto Fernández-Wyttenbach(GSA), Katharina Gregor(GSA Reviewer), Giacomo Mangani (Blue Thread), Enrico Lippi (PNALM)

During the review all the project work packages were discussed with respect to project objectives and main achievements. The final review states that MEDUSE has been APPROVED by GSA. The Project Officer congratulates with MEDUSE consortium for the great job done and the major achievements of the project.

Below a picture of the wonderful place that hosted all the main events of this project: La Maddalena.

La Maddalena (Cala Gavetta)

La Maddalena (Cala Gavetta)