Established at the end of 2005, NEXTANT Spa is an Italian, private owned, ICT Company based in Rome, classified as SME according to the European Commission classification (96/280/EU).
The mission of NEXTANT is to develop and propose to the proper market sectors, innovative applications and services based on ICT and Satellite services.
To this purpose the Company participate to Research and Innovation projects, accessing European and National funding, to develop competences, system component or complete pre competitive systems to build innovative market oriented applications and services.
The process continues, through an industrialization phase of the prototypes packing them into competitive solution to propose to the market sectors requiring high degree of innovation.
Among the sectors of interest to Nextant: Infomobility, Emergency Services, Sensitive Goods (safeguard and fruition), Maritime and Air Traffic Management.

For some of those NEXTANT has already completed the Technological Transfer Process to the market, and some of its solutions are already operative, like:

  • VECTOR:  A Real Time WEB Service, to Monitor Sensitive Transport:
    • Controlled Temperature 
    • Racing Horses
    • Art Master Pieces - ADR
  • NESS: “Emergency Support System” to support the Emergency Services organization (Fire Brigade, Law Enforcement, Civil Protection etc.) to intervene, to manage, to monitor and to control critical emergency situations.
NEXTANT solutions are based on the most advanced IC Technologies, providing the best solution to the more demanding functional and service needs through a higher level of flexibility, scalability and reliability
Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago di La Maddalena

La Maddalena Archipelago National Park – established with Law 4th January 1994 in compliance with the framework law on protected areas, whereas the Park Authority is regulated by Decree of the President of the Republic (D.P.R.) of 17th May 1996 and was set up after a 1995 agreement between Italian government and Sardinia Region administration –  is a wide geomarine protected area consisting of a group of islands located in the north-east of the coast of Gallura Province, in the stretch of sea between Sardinia and Corsica known as “Bocche di Bonifacio” (Strait of Bonifacio).

The 1996 Decree of the President of the Italian Republic also introduced the first rules about environmental  protection and defined the borders of the National Park area, that includes “all the islands and islets belonging to the territory of the Municipality of La Maddalena, as well as the surrounding marine areas”. The extension of the 62 islands, islets and rocks, that compose the Archipelago of La Maddalena’s territory is 5.134 hectares, while the the marine area amounts to 15.046 hectares. The National Park has a whole extension – including land and sea – of 20.180 hectares and its coastal development ranges 180 kilometres, equal to a tenth of the entire Sardinian coasts.

The Archipelago is a place where unique habitats meet together and  where beauty takes nature centre stage: the landscape is dominated by granitic components, where emerging blocks and gorgeous fine sandy beaches located in small creeks mix up with marine transparencies and the crystal colours of the sea, like an exotic destination. This territory is widely visited during the summer months but its wilderness has to be vigorously preserved: due to the presence of habitats and creatures that seem to have come together to perform a unique show, the Archipelago is part of the European network of areas of great environmental importance (Site of Community Importance and Special Protection Area, respectively identified by the EU “Habitat” Directive and “Birds” Directive, both of which are intended for preservation of the biological diversity).

The Park territory is entirely included within the Strait of Bonifacio, an international strait that separates Sardinia from Corsica and enables communication between the Sea of Sardinia and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Since the late 90’s, the public bodies that manage two different protected areas – the Environment Office of Corsica for the Natural Reserve of the Strait of Bonifacio in Corsica, and the National Park Authority of La Maddalena Archipelago for its homonymous area – have joined forces to strengthen cooperation in the Strait of Bonifacio. These two institutions had access to European funding (past Interreg Programmes Italy-France "Islands" and Italy-France "Maritime" 2007-2013) to implement joint projects in order to support economic development, environmental protection and cultural promotion. Last cooperation project, called PMIBB (acronym for International Marine Park of the Bonifacio Strait), was particularly significant to bring worldwide to public attention the topic of the navigation in the Strait.



VITROCISET Belgium (VTCB, ) is a company (at present around 80 employees) established in 1988 (first as Ciset International, than from 2002 as VITROCISET EPB and since 2008 as VITROCISET Belgium) by its mother company VITROCISET S.p.A. (Italy, with almost 1000 employees) for the purpose of progressively inheriting all the competence and expertise of its mother company in the space domain.
Throughout its yearly activities VTCB has gained a proven experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of system engineering, system integration, management, operational and technical support services, developing and implementing processes work-flow for a wide range of organizations in various business areas. As Service Company, VTCB is structured to provide a responsive service delivery whose primary goal is ensuring at all time the highest levels of user satisfaction in management, engineering, operations, technical assistance and logistic support, for system with high complexity and high availability levels.
In the specific sector of Space market, VTCB has being deeply involved in the following domains:
Space Software Systems. VTCB background covers the development, deployment and maintenance of complex mission control systems and Ground Data System software applications including applications for Earth Observation. Our well recognized expertise in software engineering has been a major factor of success in several ESA programmes in the following domain areas:

  • Ground software applications.
  • Check Out Systems. 
  • Mission Control Systems components. 
  • Automation Components.

Space System operations & engineering projects. With more than 20 years of presence and background experience in the space market, Vitrociset Belgium is a leading supplier of space engineering and operation support to the European Space Agency and prime industries in Europe for several ESA departments and space programs including:

  • Human Spaceflight, Microgravity and Exploration
  • Science and Robotic Exploration
  • Quality Management and Technical Support
  • Earth Observation Programme
  • Spacecraft Operations Engineering
  • Spacecraft Controlling and Mission Analysis Services

Satellite Ground Station. This expertise confers to Vitrociset Belgium a solid and significant reputation in the Maintenance, Operations and Logistic activities of the satellite ground station.
Thanks to the above experiences, VTCB constitutes currently a reference company for the administration of the Wallonie Region for what concerns the fostering of local incubation processes in Wallonie around space applications.
We deem that the “system wide” experience of VTCB, in particular for what concerns software development, system integration and the commercial provision of performance based operational services, coupled with the knowledge and involvement in the areas of innovative space applications developments and associated groups of discussion shall ensure an effective fulfilment of MAGIS project as well as exploitation objectives.

Blue Thread

Blue Thread develops navigation solutions for marine applications, integrating the most advanced satellite technologies with state of the art sensing and connectivity techniques. The company is positioning itself not only as a product supplier on the niche market for maritime navigation systems but also as a solution integrator, contributing to develop and enable new applications that service providers can offer on specific markets.
The company detains specific expertise in Location Services and in particular in Hybrid Positioning System, using combination of different technologies in order to obtain higher accuracy and increased reliability, and enforced its competence in the European Systems EGNOS and Galileo, being involved in the ESA Technology Trasfer Program “from Space to Industry”.
The system “Space Compass” actually exploits the new features introduced by EGNOS and Galileo, to achieve increased positioning accuracy and better reliability than existing GPS-based applications.
For its characteristics the Space Compass can improve several onboard applications for any class of ship, such as precise positioning, automatic piloting, precise reference for antenna pointing. Furthermore it enables the deployment of innovative solutions for assisted navigation, with particular reference to small and medium boats and recreational yachting. The level of precision and reliability, not reachable with current satellite technology, allows for the extension of navigation services to navigation in restricted waters and during the approach to seaports up to mooring.
The company was founded in 2009, with the clear focus to contribute to a safer navigation, and to improve the safeguard and fruition of the marine environment.


ANESTI is a business and financial consultancy in all transport modes and transport infrastructures also providing plans and project's reviews in the areas of Intermodality, Co-modality, Inter-operability.
In addition ANESTI provides management and planning expertise in the sectors of energy and environment.
In the past years ANESTI has also expanded its consultancy activity to the domain of economics of satellite applications to Location Based Services to include also Road and Transport, Rail, Maritime, Aviation and High Precision. It has recently been awarded by the European GNSS Agency part of activities of the project “Meduse” (Marine park EnhanceD applications based on Use of integrated GNSS Services).
ANESTI further provides its clients support and services in the area of Venture Capital.
Among main ANESTI ‘s client we can list:

  • Aerodromos
  • AT Kearney
  • Federchimica/Sviluppo Chimica
  • Fedespedi
  • First Capital
  • Freight Leaders Council
  • Giugiaro
  • Gabbrielli & Associati
  • Gruppo Soges
  • GSA
  • Italia Mondo Logistica e Intermodalità
  • Port of Taranto
  • Regione Lazio
  • Regione Toscana